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Rapid data collection is one of the advantages of CD spectral analysis of proteins. It is the subsequent data processing and analysis steps that can be surprisingly time consuming. Currently, several different software packages are required for processing and analysing the data. Large volumes of data are typically collected resulting in data management issues. After data collection the spectra are processed, stored and then analysed. CDtool has been written to facilitate research work using Circular Dichroism.


The software is freely available to individual academic users through a two stage process.
1. Complete the on-line sign-up form available here and submit it. You will receieve a confirmation email containing the cdtool agreement that you will need to print out, sign and FAX back to us. (Signature is mandatory).
2. Download CDtool from the Downloads link. In order to run the program you will require a license key, which will be sent to you once we have received your signed agreement form. To enable us to issue the license key you must provide the 'Physical Address' of your computer (sometimes known as the 'MAC' or 'Hardware' address) on your license aggreement form.

Physical Address

Note, the Physical address is not the same as your IP address. The Physical address can be obtained by typing the following command on a windows command prompt:

ipconfig /all

The physical address of your computer is next to the 'Physical Address' entry. An typical physical address takes the form "00-01-02-A1-B1-C2". If you have any problems with this step contact
You will recieve the license key by email. When you run CDtool for the first time you will be prompted to enter your license key.


Getting started

Download the manual from the from the Downloads page and try the tutorials first.


Future Developments

Future versions will also include improved analysis software, with the latest datasets we have collected after their publication. Other work will involve allowing a user defined data format to input a wider variety of spectroscopy file formats.


If you use CDtool and in processing or analysing your data, you can reference the following article :

CDtool - An Integrated Software Package for Circular Dichroism Spectroscopic Data Processing, Analysis and Archiving
J.G. Lees, B.R. Smith, F. Wien, A. J. Miles, and B.A. Wallace, Analytical Biochemistry. (2004) Sep 15;332(2):285-9


If you have any questions about functions in CDtool contact :